Saving Environment by Saving Fuel

How environment is adversely impacted by burning of fossil fuels

How you save environment by saving fuel

Public transport

We have a good system for transport. Public transport vehicles carry people; they charge less and form the backbone of transportation. The trend today is shifting to booming use of private vehicles. People have money and don’t bother spending to buy them a new polluting vehicle! There are a rare few of us who think over the impact that it (personal vehicle) causes to the environment and prefer using public means of transports like trams, buses etc.

Wisely choose your conveyance

For smaller distances, say less than a kilometre to a couple of kilometres, try using bicycles or simply walking, they enhance your health, regulate blood sugar and pressure levels. If the distance is more say up to 15, 20kilometres prefer using your motor bike rather than your car (prefer giving lifts in the route). If the distance is more say from 50 to 100 kilometres, use public transport like the transport buses, metro trains etc. If you need to go further, say about 500 kilometres, try preferring trains, the railways. Trains give you a way smoother ride, you can relax, move around. If you were using your car for that 200 or 300 kilometres, you will get tired by the end of the ride.

Planning to buy a new car?

If you have the budget enough go for EVs, the Electric Vehicles. May be they are costlier than the polluting counter parts; they pay in the long run. They do not cause air pollution and run quietly with hardly any vibration. If EV is unaffordable, next better choice would be the Hybrid vehicles which run on both Fuel and electricity switching smartly based on the power needs. For starting up, they might use fuel, but for cruising they run on electricity. The charging of batteries is done when running on fuel.