Ways to save fuel

Saving Environment by Saving Fuel

By saving fuel, you not only save your money but also the environment. If you do not know how, you are actually reducing your carbon foot print which is harmful for the environment. Save fuel and make environment less polluted for your children and their children.

Save Environment

Save Fuel Save Environment

Save fuel by knowing know what to do and what to avoid when driving your car.

Save Fuel

How to Save Fuel - Fuel Saving Tips

  • Avoid driving at high speed

    You could be consuming much ess fuel.

  • Do not rev up unnecessarily

    To get better fuel efficiency form your car.

  • Check air pressure periodically

    Get air pressure checked regularly.

  • Walk whenever you can

    It save fuel also beneficial for your health.

  • Alternatives to bikes, cars

    Use bicycles to maintain good health and save fuel.

  • Travel light

    Heavy car consumes more fuel.

  • Avoid hard breaking

    This leads to wastage of fuel.

  • Using air conditioning

    It decreases fuel efficiency of your car.

  • Choose route with light traffic

    Choose route wisely to save fuel.

  • Car Pooling

    To avoid air pollution and to save fuel.

  • Reduce resistance of wind

    To reduce resistance keep windows closed.

  • Drive sensibly

    To make minimal use of clutch and brakes.

  • Get your car serviced

    For getting higher fuel efficiency.

  • Switch off the engine

    Engine is running even if you are stationary.

  • Use public transport

    It is cheaper also save fuel.

Save Fuel When Driving

Drive sensibly

This helps in increasing the mileage of your car.

Get your car serviced

This will help in getting higher fuel efficiency.

Avoid driving at high speed

Get best mileage by driven in the speed range of 40-55mph.

Switch off car engine

Engine is running even if you are stationary.